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Statics is a branch of mechanics that is concerned with the analysis of forces in static equilibrium. It is also a fundamental skill in ME, and is used in almost every ME related course.

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Strength Of Materials

Strength of materials is a subject which deals with the behavior of solid objects subject to stresses and strains. When a force is applied to a solid object, it will experience stresses and strains.

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Heat Transfer

How does heat flow through solids? Why does wind make it feel colder outside? How can I design my rocket ship so it won't melt?

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A robotics minor will add some computer/electrical engineering courses into your curriculum. This will consist of courses such as programming, logic design, microprocessor systems design, robot dynamics, and mobile robotics.

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MechELearning provides free mechanical engineering and robotics video tutorials and other related material. Videos focus on specific concepts or problems that were essential to ace the class. MechELearning's target audience is the mechanical engineering student that needs some extra problems or examples to help ace subjects spanning the entirety of a typical ME undergraduate program.

Reasons to use MechELearning:

  • Free mechanical engineering tutorial videos by a current student.
  • MechELearning can make a great supplement to a college course, helping students ace the class.
  • Students who have taken the course you're taking can pinpoint the concepts and examples that proved to be the most beneficial in acing the course.
  • Watching problems get solved from another perspective can deepen understanding of the subject.

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