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Mechanical Engineering Statics Course

Freshman Level

Statics is a fundamental building block for most engineering courses. Learn how to calculate reaction forces, moments, and analyze trusses and internal forces.

Mechanical Engineering Strength Of Materials Course

Strength Of Materials
Sophomore Level

How do forces cause structures to bend or break? How can we calculate how much force our design can take before creating even our part?

Fluid Mechanics
Junior Level

Fluid statics and fluid dynamics. Learn how to calculate the forces, pressures, and stresses generated from static and dynamic fluids.

Heat Transfer

How does heat flow through solids? Why does wind make it feel colder outside? How can I design my rocket ship so it won't melt?


Freshman to Senior

A robotics minor will add some computer/electrical engineering courses into your curriculum. This will consist of courses such as programming, logic design, microprocessor systems design, robot dynamics, and mobile robotics.