More Learning Resources Other awesome websites to learn from

Khan Academy

Khan academy is a fantastic resource for help with college math and introductory science courses. For engineering students, this site be very useful your first 2-ish years of college before you outgrow it. Khan Academy has quiz questions to test your knowledge, and a login system to track your progress. (Calc 1, Calc 2, Calc 3, Diff EQ's, Linear Algebra, Physics, Chemistry)

Patrick JMT

PatrickJMT focuses on 'Just Math Tutorials'. If you're an engineering student, this will be a great guide through most of your math courses. (Calc 1, Calc 2, Calc 3, Diff EQ's, Linear Algebra) is a gigantic library of learning material covering topics such as CAD, design, programming skills, web development, business and more. Certain videos contain downloadable material to assist with the lesson, and certain programming based lessons have an online code editor. For web development there are usually several courses of video tutorials for each individual topic you're trying to learn. Want to learn PHP? There are over 30 courses of video lessons with a total of over 1,300 videos!