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Treehouse provides a unique learning experience based off of watching video tutorials, answering quiz questions, taking code challenges, and gaining points. The site makes learning feel like a fun game, where the levels are defined by the organized blocks of course material, and the final game defined by 'tracks'. Tracks are organized groups of courses that aim to supply the learner with a certain set of skills and knowledge, similar to the structure of a college degree (each track usually contains over 10 courses, combined to 10-50 hours of material per track).



Lynda.com is a gigantic library of learning material covering topics such as CAD, design, programming skills, web development, business and more. Certain videos contain downloadable material to assist with the lesson, and certain programming based lessons have an online code editor. For web development there are usually several courses of video tutorials for each individual topic you're trying to learn. Want to learn PHP? There are over 30 courses of video lessons with a total of over 1,300 videos!